Self appraisal form


Review period: from ___to___

Job code:

Based on your job description and current work assignments, please answer questions as follows:

1. Please list your most significant accomplishments or contributions during this appraisal period.

2. Describe any factors, positive or negative, you feel may have helped or hindered in meeting your formal or informal goals or objectives.

3. Have you successfully performed any new tasks or additional duties outside the scope of your regular responsibilities? If so, please specify.

4. What skills do you have that you feel could be used more effectively?

5. In your opinion, how does the work you perform align with or support the objectives of the University Mission Statement?

6. Describe the areas you feel require improvement in terms of your professional development. List the steps you plan to take and/or the resources you need to accomplish this.

7. List 2-4 of your career goals for the coming year and indicate how you plan to accomplish them.

8. Please evaluate yourself on the following factors: outstanding, very competent, satisfactory, needs improvement

• Teamwork
• Innovation/Creativity
• Interpersonal Skills
• Time Management Skills

Please use this space to provide any additional comments.

Please attach additional sheets if necessary.

Employee Signature:


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