Employee engagement questionnaire

Employee engagement questionnaire

I/ Employee information

1. Employee name:
2. Position:
3. Department:
4. Start working from:

II/ Rating scales:

1. Strongly Disagree(1)
2. Disagree (2)
3. Neither Agree nor Disagree (3)
4. Agree(4)
5. Strongly Agree(5)

III/ Employee engagement questions

1. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my job efficiently.

2. I receive the information and communication I need to do my job.

3. I regularly receive recognition/praise for doing good work.

4. The benefits offered here are fair and reasonable.

5. The people here are pleasant and co-operative to work with.

6. There is someone at work who encourages my development.

7. My opinions and ideas seem to matter.

8. My supervisor provides me with feedback and guidance.

9. My supervisor helps me know what is expected of me.

10. My supervisor cares about me as a person.

11. Even if I had the opportunity to get a similar job with another organization, I would stay with my present company.

12. In the last year, I have had opportunities to learn and grow.

13. I would recommend the organization as a good place to work.

14. Overall, I have confidence in the senior managers at the company.

15. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my job.

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5 Responses to “Employee engagement questionnaire”

  1. Karla Vela says:

    How can I rate the aswers, how can I classify the answers??
    Kind regards,
    Karla Vela

  2. Ashish Dimri says:

    A really good set of questions that can be understood by all levels of employees. How do we analyse the responses? How do we group the questions to evolve a broad picture?


    Ashish Dimri

  3. Dr.S. John Manohar says:

    A good set of questions and will be of much useful to all the researchers and practitioners.

  4. Dr.S. John Manohar says:

    A reply to Ashish Dimri:

    Try to use SPSS.

  5. VENKATESH says:

    i need all kind of document

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