Employee engagement activities

Employee engagement activities / programs

1. Picnic at intervals on a regular basis.

2. Movie at 2 month intervals.

3. A every-day column on the intranet with announcements / programs of the company, written by CEO,

4. Use an overhead paging system to update information. The system can recognize employees based on business achievements

5. Suggestion systems / quick responses of employees.

6. Replay on the intranet about the president’s / CEO’s press conference.

7. Live version of magazine on internal house.

8. CEO spending time communicating face to face with employees.

9. CEO used FAQ questions to know more about the business operation of the company.

10. ONLINE “ask the CEO” mailbox.

11. Give awards to staff monthly.

12. Give annual awards to staff

13. Write blogs every week on serious issues related to business and ask employees for reading/recommendations.

14. Make appointment with management team of disaster.

15. Make appointment with management team of emergency

16. Committee in charge of problem solving.

17. Committee in charge of quality assurance.

18. Implement training programs on soft skills and other required training programs.

19. Online real-time tracking of progress. Company progress in fulfilling targets/goals can be viewed by staff.

20. Provide long-term vision for the growth of business.

21. Indoor Games as well as Outdoor games, like Chess, Cricket, Badminton etc.

22. Celebrate Birthday parties for employees.

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7 Responses to “Employee engagement activities”

  1. LUANDA says:

    please e-mail me more information of the employees activities


    HI All,

    Enployee engagement is always a challenging task for a HR. It is one of the most important activity to be taken care to increase the productivity in an organization.

    Thanks & Regards
    Lakshmi Ganapathy
    SIT Mobile Software (India) Pvt. Ltd

  3. Kamran Zulfiqar Sheikh says:

    I am working in Etilize Pvt Ltd as Associate HR Executive. I was working on Wingage activities for whole company team members. I was worried about what sort of activities should I propose to management. Thanks to HR Management for making it easy for me.

    Good Luck for Future…..

  4. YUDITH says:

    very interesting article!
    I need more than that, may I have more about activities related to employee engagement?

    Many thanks & Regards,
    HR Officer
    Kalbe Vision Pte.,Ltd (Indonesia)

  5. mugu says:


    Please can you send me more information about activities of employee engagement, thank you

  6. shyam says:

    Bringing incessant innovation to our challenging professional day today work schedule is not an easy chore for anybody however with the passion to create a milestone by breaking a line of control has made this HR platform very famous become from good to great. With his idea to be a selfless organization has created a tremendous impact on other competitors .

    Keep sharing your views and ideas for an better growth and association with us.

  7. Leena says:

    I am working as a playgroup teacher.can you give me information about infant activities .how can I prepare for infant teacher interview.

    Great job.


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