Difference between HRM and HRD

Difference between HRM and HRD

1. Definition of HRM and HRD

HRM deals with the day to day operations of the human resources department. This curriculum would include bus. law, compensation, employee relations, benefits, and medical etc.

HRD : Human Resource Development deals with the training and the developmental aspect of employees. Most HRD curriculum include classes like T & D, organizational dev., industrial psy.

2. Difference of HRM and HRD

HRD focuses on training and optimizing work performance. HRM focuses on whom you hire, whom you fire and remediation to employees who need discipline and retooling to continue their employment.

• HRD is more proactive; it copes with the changing needs of the people as well as anticipate these needs and HRD is function more independent with separate roles to play.

• HRD is sub-system of a large system, more organizational oriented and HRD is function more independent with separate roles to play.

• HRD is developing the whole organization and HRM is concerned with people only.

• HRD is continuous process and HRM is a routine and administrative function.

• HRD is involvement of the entire work force from top to bottom is more and a must in most of the cases and HRM is basically the responsibilities of the HR department.

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    HR is the body and HRD is the soul.

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    relationship between h.r.m and h.r.d



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