Construction interview questions

Construction interview questions include 30 questions as below:

1. Do you have any other outstanding bids right now? If these turn into jobs, will your job drop to the bottom of the list?
2. How do you manage your jobs on a day-to day basis?
3. Do you know how to read and interpret blue prints or electrical drawings? If not, can you learn?
4. How long do you plan on staying with the company?
5. What kind of worker would your last employer say you were?
6. Have you arranged housing for you and your family? Due to the shortage of available housing in this area, this might mean the difference between finding a job or not.
7. Have you or your company ever been sued before?
8. Have you or your company ever sued anyone or filed mechanics liens before?
9. What is the worst building experience that happened to you?
10. Have you ever caused damage to equipment, tools or on a job you were working on?
11. Have you ever been injured on the job? What happened? What would you do differently now to prevent the injury from happening again?
12. Do you have any tools that relate to this work?
13. Are you willing and/or capable of buying additional tools before receiving your first paycheck?
14. Do you use drugs or alcohol?
15. How are your math skills? Note that this question may vary depending on how math-intensive the job is. Carpenters would be expected to have more math skills than a laborer.
16. What has been your best building experience?
17. What is the longest amount of down-time you experienced between jobs?
18. Who were your two worst customers? Why?
19. Do you have the clothing for working outdoors?
20. What was your last position, how long did you hold that position and how much were they paying you?
21. What would you do if a customer had a problem?
22. Have you ever walked off of a job? If so, for what reason?
23. Have you/your company ever caused/been involved in an accident that caused someone to receive hospital treatment or be hospitalized?
24. What is the dumbest thing you ever did?
25. Do you have your own transportation to work?
26. Do you have a valid driver’s license?
27. Are you certified to drive construction vehicles?
28. Are you willing to work outdoors in all types of weather?
29. Do you supply notarized affidavits or release of liens BEFORE I give your payments of any kind?
30. Do you have experience with this type of work? Where, what kind and how much or how long?

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