Compensation and benefits

Compensation and benefits

Compensation and benefits is key function of HR management.

You can ref more them by topics as follows:

1. Job evaluation

2. Salary and wage management

3. Employee benefits

4. HR policies

5. Employee rewards

6. Employee incentives

7. Employee handbook

8. ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

9. Employee satisfaction

10. Grievance

11. Discipline

12. Termination of employment

13. Exit interview

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Performance management table of contents

Compensation management

1. Benefits management
2. Compensation overview
3. Discipline
4. Employee benefits
5. Employee handbook
6. Employee incentive
7. employee-incentive
8. Employee insurance
9. Employee letter
10. employee-letter
11. Employee termination
12. ESOP
13. Executive compensation
14. Exit interview
15. Grievance
16. HR policies
17. Job evaluation
18. Retirement
19. Reward system
20. Salary systems
21. Welfare system
22. Working times

Ref checklist for worker

1. Does your employer have a Register of Injuries book?
2. Are employees informed of injury notification and reporting procedures?
3. Is there a Return to Work program in your workplace?
4. Does your workplace display Workers Compensation legislation, insurers information and return to work program?
5. Is there a workplace injury notification program and procedures in place?
6. Is there an injury management plan in place?
7. Does your workplace provide regular injury management information and/or training programs?
8. Is workers compensation information displayed in the workplace?
9. Do employees know where to get a workers compensation claim form?
10. Are employees aware of their workers compensation entitlements?
11. Does your employer have clear policies and procedures relating to suitable duties for injured workers?
12. Is make-up pay (including penalty rates and overtime) paid to workers back at work on suitable duties?
13. Are employees aware of their obligation to make reasonable efforts to return to work after an injury?
14. Are employees informed of details of insurers, accredited return to work co-ordinators?
15. Are employees clearly informed of union assistance and services in relation to workers compensation matters?
16. Are employees aware of the available disputes mechanisms for workers compensation claims?

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