Change management interview questions

20 change management interview questions

I. Introduction about change management

Questions below will help you interview candidates about their change management.

II. Interview questions of change management

1. How to encourage people to come up with ideas and thoughts?

2. How to help people not to be afraid to make decisions?

3. Tell me about a time when you experienced a major change to your normal work practices. How did you handle it?

4. Describe a time when there was a fundamental change in the way things were done in your workplace. What was your response towards it?

5. How to help people and us to be positive about change?

6. How to improve communications radically in the context of change?

7. Describe how you felt when there were some recent changes at work?

8. How to create a positive culture where people pull together without being directed?

9. How to set realistic targets and priorities for change?

10. Tell me about a time when you were very much opposed to a change that affected your work practices. How did you get through it?

11. How to encourage more openness from staff?

12. How to listen and identify the real problem?

13. Describe a time when you wanted some change in the working style of the team, but others were reluctant to do so. How did you go about it?

14. How to manage time by prioritizing and organizing the changes?

15. How to manage changes imposed on us by influencing upwards?

16. Have you ever had to introduce a policy change to your work group? How did you do it?

17. How to sell change positively?

18. How to manage communication down and up. The cascade process?

19. When is the last time you had to introduce a new idea or procedure to people on this job? How did you do it?

20. How to encourage an appropriate level of risk taking?

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