Brand manager job description

Brand manager job description include key duties/responsibilities:

1. Job purpose of brand manager

To take responsibility for developing plans and executing projects and initiatives that support the broader short and long-term marketing strategy. The Manager collaborates with Consumer Insights, Culinary and Beverage and Finance to ensure the brand remains relevant to consumers and that all initiatives support the brand promise. Additionally, Brand Managers take a lead in managing vendor partners and communication agencies, and all aspects of their projects.

2. Key duties of Brand manager

1. Steward of the brand that supports our new brand promise, brand vision, brand position, brand architecture and achieves overall business goals for the brand.
2. Engages, inspires and galvanizes the organization around the brand vision, position and strategies so they are clear in bringing them to life in their areas of functional expertise.
3. Participates in brand strategy discussions and in setting a bulls-eye consumer target.
4. Works collaboratively with marketing communications to execute packaging designs consistent with a determined communications hierarchy and a global style guide.
5. Participates on a cross-functional team to develop new products following the process, including analyzing information to help set the sales forecast and financials and writing concept statements for consumer testing.
6. Analyzes historical new product launches, and reports on vitality rates.
7. Analyzes consumer trends and information, and categories to help identify product categories to enter as future sources of growth.
8. Drives consumer understanding and insights that defines our prime prospects’ needs, attitudes and values in order for consumers to have stronger and more impactful brand experiences.
9. Leads consumer and brand learning plan development and oversees execution and findings of research studies.
11. Analyzes market, consumer, and competitive information to support brand manager in setting new product pricing and managing price on existing items.
12. Analyzes consumer, category, competition, and channel/customer as part of a situation assessment.
13. Develops pricing & pack strategies, improved margin mix, trade spending plans and distribution goals in order to develop actionable KPI’s.
14. Conducts analysis and periodical reviews of the brand, competitive, category, customer and consumer trends to enhance the brand’s equity and marketplace performance.
15. Analyzes and provides consumer, category, and brand information to support channel marketing and sales in category management and sales presentations.
16. Reviews channel and customer-specific point-of-purchase trade plans and provides feedback on consistency with marketing plan.
17. Analyzes current performance, trends, market conditions, and other contributing factors to help brand manager in recommending base and stretch revenue goals for upcoming year.
18. Leads and collaborates with research & engineering to develop and execute innovation platform pathways, product innovation and renovation.
19. Provides direction for key customer innovation summit presentations.
20. Works with channel marketing and sales to identify programming to generate incremental sales and/or profitability.
21. Works collaboratively with operations/sourcing to identify and develop productivity initiatives.
22. Develops growth targets, business objectives and brand strategies for the brand that aligns with global business plan.
23. Leads global brand planning process by developing and executing annual brand target setting & innovation review and brand strategy review. Also participates in and contributes to annual brand operating plan reviews.

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3. Job specification of Brand manager

Job specification (KSAs) of brand manager include: knowledge, skills, abilities conditions.

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