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Date of appointment:
Date of birth:
Job title:
Date of previous interview:
Date of this interview:
Period covered:

I. Appraisal section

1. What specific circumstances have affected the employee’s performance during the period under review, either positively or negatively?

2. What agreements made when the employee was appointed have been fulfilled, and what is your opinion of the results?

3. What activities have been developed which were not the subject of agreements reached when the employee was appointed? What is their significance? What is your opinion of the results? (This refers to extra or unexpected activities which have taken up a substantial amount of the interviewee’s time.)

4. What agreements reached at the time of appointment have not been fulfilled?
What are the reasons for this? Should these agreements be renewed?

5. Considering the above, what is your overall assessment of the employee’s efforts and results during the period under review? (Was the employee’s performance excellent, good, satisfactory or unsatisfactory?)

• Quantity of results
• Quality of results
• Have the employee’s efforts and results corresponded with his or her job description?
• Employee remarks/comments

II – Performance section

Purpose: discussion of matters which will, or are expected to, affect the employee’s performance during the period following the interview.

1. Are there matters which will affect the employee’s efforts and performance during the period following the interview and which require that measures be taken? Consider the following areas.

• The employee’s duties and development opportunities.
• The employee’s workplace and working environment. (Health and safety, atmosphere in the department, and so on.)
• The employee’s working relationships. (With his or her manager, colleagues and supervisors.)
• Other factors which, in the opinion of either the employee or the manager, might affect the employee’s efforts and performance in the immediate future.

2. What other performance-related points would either the employee or the manager like to raise?

III – Targets

Purpose: To reach agreements about the employee’s duties and the results to be achieved during the period subsequent to this interview.

1. What are the employee’s main duties for the immediate future? What results is the employee expected to achieve?

2. What does the employee need in order to achieve the results agreed? Consider the following.

• Support and supervision (from managers, colleagues or others).
• Monitoring the progress on targets.
• Training, education and development.
• Resources (time, budget, instruments, tools and so on).
• Working conditions (workplace, arrangement of work, allocation of time, working environment and so on).
• Other.

IV – Career development

Purpose: An exchange of ideas between the employee and the manager about the former’s future career prospects.

1. What are the employee’s career ambitions? In what direction would the employee like to develop his or her career after the appointment at company has ended?

2. What ideas does the manager have about the employee’s future career?

3. What actions need to be taken in order to help secure a new job after the appointment at company has ended??

4. If applicable, when should the next performance and appraisal interview take place?

…………………………………………. (month) …………………………. (year)

5. Employee remarks/comments

The undersigned approve this report and the agreements reached.

Manager / Employee / Senior manager:

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