Announcement of employee termination


To: Departments, people related, employee terminated

From: John Tan
HR manager


Subject: [NAME, ex. Anna Tan]

Please be advised that [NAME, ex. Ms Anna Tan] was terminated as an employee of this company on [EFFECTIVE DATE OF TERMINATION, ex. June 10, 2009].

All staff are asked not to communicate any further with [NAME, ex. Anna Tan] regarding matters which are confidential or proprietary to our company.

Ms Anna’s responsibilities have been assumed by Mr John Tan / HR manager.

Please contact Mrs Jenny / HR executive if you have any enquiries.

For the company

John Tan
HR Manager

How to writer this letter?

You can follow steps as below:

• Begin the memo or email right after the termination has occurred, but wait until the person has left the building. This is especially important if there are security issues related to the termination, so the other employees know that the terminated person should not be on company property.

• Address the memo or email to the entire department where the person worked or, if he played a role in the entire company, to the entire staff. Don’t let any employees feel as if they have been left out

• Let your employees know that the terminated person is no longer with the company effective of the date of termination. If the termination was due to a layoff, provide that reason in the letter.

• Tell your staff who will be taking over the duties of the terminated person during the transition. This will help ease people’s stress over who they will go to in place of the terminated person.

• Thank all employees for their hard work and patience during the transition. Wish the terminated employee well if this was a layoff situation.

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