Advantages and disadvantages of job analysis interview

1. Advantages of job analysis interview

* The reason behind the use of this method is that jobholders are most familiar with the job and can supplement the information obtained through observation
* Workers know the specific duties of the job and supervisors are aware of the job’s relationship to the rest of the organization.
* Most commonly used method, very adaptable
* Usually conducted with job incumbents, technical experts, supervisors
* simple, quick, and more comprehensive because the interviewer can unearth activities that may never appear in written form.
* May generate information that never appears on written documents
* Provides an opportunity to explain the need of the analysis

2. Disadvantages of job analysis interview

* Heavily dependent on interviewing ability.
* The value of data is primarily dependent on the interviewer’s skills and may be faulty if they put ambiguous questions to workers.
* Workers may exaggerate their job duties to add greater weight age to their positions.
* Takes a lot of time and may not be cost efficient if there are a number of jobs to be studied
* Incumbent may distort information to reflect a more complex job, so verify with other incumbents and supervisors.

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  1. nada abdalla says:

    How can a job analysis of each job in the work unit help a supervisor to do his or her job?
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