Administrative assistant self appraisal

Administrative assistant self appraisal

Review period: from ___to___

1. Employee information:

Employee name:
Position Title:
Review Period:

2. Duties/responsibilities of Administrative assistant

a. What are your main job responsibilities of position: Administrative assistant? (for example as below):

• Develop and maintain good working relationships with all relevant local governmental bureaus, agencies and authorities.
• Maintain office efficiency, plan and implement office systems, layouts, and equipment procurement.
• Prepare financial plans, budgets and forecasts.
• Record, monitor expenses, raise monthly invoices.
• Manage administrative department, maintain a safe and secure work environment.

b. Which job responsibilities do you view as most important? Why?
c. Have any new responsibilities been added or removed from your position: Administrative assistant this year? If so, what?
d. What could your supervisor/manager do to support you in doing your position: Administrative assistant?
e. Have you successfully performed any new tasks or additional duties outside the scope of your regular responsibilities? If so, please specify.

3. Improvement activities

• What additional support from your organization would help you do your job more effectively for position: Administrative assistant?
• What would help you to do your job better and provide greater job satisfaction?
• Describe any changes you suggested and/or implemented this year that led to improvement in your area (e.g., quality of work life, cost savings, efficiency) for position: Administrative assistant.

4. Job conditions of position: Administrative assistant

• What recommendations do you have that would make this a better place to work?
• What kind of support and/or guidance would you like to see from your supervisor/manager?

5. Skills and abilities of position: Administrative assistant

Please evaluate yourself on the following factors: outstanding, very competent, satisfactory, needs improvement.

• Strong Work Ethic.
• Positive Attitude.
• Good Communication Skills.
• Time Management Abilities.
• Problem-Solving Skills.
• Acting as a Team Player.
• Self-Confidence.
• Ability to Accept and Learn From Criticism.
• Flexibility/Adaptability.
• Working Well Under Pressure.

6. Goals of Administrative assistant

• What goals for position: Administrative assistant have you set for yourself during the next year? What types of projects would you like to be involved in?
• What would you have liked to have done this year for position: Administrative assistant, but were unable to? Why?
• List your most significant accomplishments or contributions during the past year. How do these achievements align with the goals/objectives outlined in your last review for position: Administrative assistant?
• What are your goals for next year and what action will you take to accomplish these goals?

7. Administrative assistant career development

• Indicate your career interests, including the type of assignment you would like next.
• List 3-5 of your career goals for the coming year and indicate how you plan to accomplish them.
• What skills do you have that you feel could be used more effectively?

8. Administrative assistant comments:

• Please use this space to provide any additional comments.

• Please attach additional sheets if necessary.

Employee Signature:

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