Accounting supervisor job description

Accounting supervisor job description

This article include content: job purpose, key duties/responsibilities and related documents of Accounting supervisor.

Job purpose of Accounting supervisor (vice president)

To manages the day-to-day accounting and investment functions of the company by maintaining and producing financial information and accounting tasks of company accounts and records.

Key duties/responsibilities of Accounting supervisor:

1. Responsible for the operation of all accounting systems and records, including, but not limited to, cash receipts, expenditures, investments, purchasing, inventory, assets, payroll.
2. Assists in the development and maintenance of financial reporting systems to insure integrity of finances based on sound accounting procedures and controls.
3. Ensures completion of regular safety inspections of office areas and equipment and provides assurances that all risk management practices are in compliance with district safety rules and procedures.
4. Fosters a working environment that promotes safe work habits and active participation in the agency’s risk management program.
5. Keeps the Superintendent of Business Operations informed of issues and activities related to accounting systems.
6. Ensures that written performance evaluations of supervised employees are completed as required, provides continuous feedback on personnel performance issues, and takes immediate action to recognize achievements and address deficiencies or problems.
7. Seeks customer and community input and investigates and acts upon requests, suggestions, and complaints concerning accounting policies and office operations.
8. Invests all available cash in interest-producing investments within the confines of Illinois statues.
9. Supervises payroll and accounts payable employees.
10. Leads and nurtures a work culture that promotes open, frequent and dynamic communication among staff, stimulating teamwork to accomplish desired goals and objectives.
11. Assists in the preparation of the annual working Budget, Tax Levy, Budget and Appropriation Ordinance.
12. Meets mandated publication and filing dates for financial documents.
13. Additional functions may be essential as designated by the Superintendent of Business Operations.
14. Prepares and executes appropriate bank transfers to meet expense and investment requirements and maintain and execute subsidiary records and system entries.
15. Reviews and authorizes check requests and purchase order invoices and advise of potential over-expenditures or misappropriation.
16. Reconciles bank accounts and verify the bank balance with the general ledger
17. Supervises all month-end and year-end accounting procedures including preparation and entry of journal entries for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and General Ledger computer systems.

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