720 degree performance appraisal

720 degree performance appraisal

What is 720 degree appraisal / feedback?

Today, these are two points of view about 720 degree performance appraisal as follows:

Internal and external of appraisal:

In traditional 360 degree appraisal, raters include:

• Boss
• Peers – immediate & functional colleagues
• Direct reporters
• Colleagues and internal customers

Then, 540 degree appraisal add more external customers and suppliers

Of courses, 720 degree would also take the feedback from stakeholders & family. So that in 720 degree appraisal, feedback is taken from external sources such as stakeholders, family, suppliers, communities….

Continuos improvement of appraisal

We have 360 feedback/appraisal and it is1st feedback=360, then 2nd feedback=720, 3rd feedback=1080 and so on.

Author’s opinion:

We can refer to definition of Wikipedia: In human resources, 360-degree feedback, also known as ‘multi-rater feedback’, ‘multi-source feedback’, or ‘multi-source assessment…

Although you can follow any point of view, these are two matters that we can pay attention to:

• Improvement of appraisal.
• Enough raters (boss, supervisors, peers, subordinates, family, stakeholders, customers, suppliers, communities…)

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